“I just want to take a moment to thank Patrick and the pmbmediaWORKS team for the work they have done for me over the last year.


I am a local accountant in Kitchener, Ontario.


Before I had pmbmediaWORKS working for me, I had a simple website, but was getting no people to see it.


It really was a waste of time and energy for me.


Patrick completely re-did my website, and also did ongoing SEO work on it, and also for my Google +Local Page.


Now, I’m number 1 in Google for all types of terms, and on page 1 for many others.


And my business is also ranking in positions 1-3 on the Maps Listings in Kitchener as well.


This has meant a huge improvement in my business, and a relief that I don’t have to worry about it any more.”


Cem K –  Accountant,  Kitchener




“Before I contacted pmbmediaWORKS, I was spending about $10K a year advertising in the Yellow Pages. Despite that, my business was not really growing as fast as I wanted.


Once Patrick and his team got to work, they had me number 1 in Google for well over 100 search terms and on page 1  for many others, not just in my own community but in a number of other communities in my service area.


The increase in business I gained from this has been phenomenal, and I significantly decreased my expensive yellow pages advertising as well.


So overall, much less cost now, and more business. You’ve got to love that!”


Phil K – Pest Control Company – Cambridge