Google Places Ranking Service

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Who wants to be on Page 2, 3, 4 or even lower on Google?


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We know you work hard

and possibly spend a lot of money

attracting new clients and customers.

Some of out Clients used to spend

over $10,000 a year on Yellow Pages Ads.

But in 2013, if your business

isn’t on Page 1 of Google,

you might as well close early

because you missing half of your


..and I hate to say this

but… someone else is getting it!

Why Not You?


Wouldn’t it be nice to attract new clients and customers,

without having to spend all kinds of money on advertising?

In 2013, people are searching for local services

are using search engines like Google more and more.

Expensive Business Directories and Yellow Pages are a thing of the past. When’s the last time you picked up your Yellow Pages?

Most people don’t even know where the book is any more.

Are you still spending thousands of dollars advertising in a book hardly anyone uses?

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Today, millions of people are still looking for services, and people like to find TRUSTED Services providers close to their home or place of business.

That’s where Google + Local (Formerly Google Places) comes in.  If you search for a service, Google + Local displays the top services near your location right on the top of the search results. It’s amazingly powerful, but it’s also very complicated, tricky and labour intensive to get your business ranked on the first page or even on the very top of the list.

That’s where we come in.

Our Google + Local Ranking Service will get your company to the top and keep it there.



But we don’t stop at just getting you to page 1!

We keep you there!

No one wants to be on page one for just a month or two.

Your business and Google’s rankings are ongoing concerns.

In fact Google changes ranking algorithms constantly and your competition is constantly evolving too. They’re trying to improve their own rankings.

So our Google Places Ranking Service includes an inexpensive monthly subscription that has us putting more work on your rankings every single month.

Each month we’ll update the Place and do everything we can

to keep you on Page 1 for as long as you want!

We have gotten every one of our clients onto Page one,

and most into the #1 Position!

Many of our clients have gone one to

CANCEL their Yellow Pages Advertisements

saving thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.

All while increasing their search engine traffic and their business.

We’ll also send a monthly update on the activity we’ve performed as well as your current rankings at the time.

Also, unlike some companies, you’re not locked into a long term contract. We hope you stay with us as we do the job for you, but you can cancel any time, if you choose. But we’re confident you’ll easily see the ongoing business and value our service brings.

So, you have nothing to Lose! What are You waiting For?

Get You Business Ranked

on the First Page of Google Pages Now!


           Please Call Us at 519 804-3683 for Quotation